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Dutch physiotherapist and orthopedic manual therapist specializing in the overhead athlete with shoulder and elbow complaints.

I am Arjan Elshof and I’m a physiotherapist from the Netherlands. Since I was a kid, I played baseball at the highest level in the Netherlands. During my playing career I got a couple of injuries and those injuries where the foundation of my physical therapy career. While rehabbing my own shoulder and elbow injuries, I realized that the quality of physical therapy should be way better. So from that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a physical therapist.

Since I graduated as a physiotherapist, I started specializing in the overhead athlete. Besides working with baseball/basketball/tennis/squash players, I’ve also treated a lot of knee, hip and spine injuries. I have completed graduate studies to become a manual therapist which allowed me to deepen my clinical expertise in assessing and managing complaints of the human body.

Working with YourPhysio.online gives me the opportunity to assist people all over the world in their rehab journey. You can book an appointment with me in the booking form on the left.
Let’s get you moving and living pain free.

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Your Physio Online Client

Arjan was very reassuring during our consultation. He listened actively, answered my questions and cleared my doubts. I’ve been to multiple physios already and even though I couldn’t see Arjan in person, I walked away with an actionable plan.

Your Physio Online Client

I am an avid yoga practitioner and take care of my body as best as I can. But some aches don’t go away that easily. As I take an active role in my rehab, I thought let’s give YourPhysio.online a chance. Arjan was welcoming and made me look at the human body from a different perspective. He was very clear and informative!

Your Physio Online Client

I thought my back pain was just the curse of getting older, which I had been told by previous physiotherapists I visited. Arjan explained all of the factors that contribute to my pain experience in words I could understand. I am now more confident in my physical abilities at age 62! Thank you!

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