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Injury can be a setback in life, but it is not the end. You can still live a healthy and fulfilling life by incorporating some simple lifestyle changes in your injury recovery process. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep are three key elements that can help you heal and recover faster, while also reducing the risk of future injuries.


We sleep for roughly 25-33% of our lifetime. And just like it is important to eat, drink and breath, it’s also important to sleep. Sleep isn’t only good for our recovery, but it’s also really important for maintaining good mental health and physical health. Want to know more about the importance of sleeping, stay here and read this blog!


Trigger points and their explanatory models are taking over the world. But does the evidence support these models and way of thinking? Are triggerpoints real or are they fiction. And what about dry needling, does it work or not? In this blog you will find out if your “muscle knot” is a real trigger point or not, and if dry needling works!


Doctors, physios and the media keep telling us to exercise to be healthier. While this is good advice, it can still be challenging to overcome our inner laziness. The great thing about exercise is that it is usually low cost, it is also low risk and you can do it wherever you want and whenever you want. In this blog article, we will present you 9 proven (health) benefits of exercises to help you find the motivation to move more.

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