Fix your cracking knees with these exercises at home

Fix your cracking knees with these exercises at home


Do your knees crack while walking down the stairs

Do you have cracking knees while walking down the stairs or while getting up out of a chair. Don’t be scared because a lot of people have this in their knees. So it’s really normal. But do you want to see some easy exercises to deal with them from your own home, well read this blog. 

Cracking knees don’t give you arthritis

Before we go to the exercises I would like to take a minute to tell you something about cracking knees. Cracking knees are something that a lot of people complain about. And to be honest, they won’t harm you. Research shows that cracking knees don’t mean you will get osteoarthritis or that they will damage your cartilage or result in a loss of function during the day. Especially if those cracking knees don’t give you pain. And sometimes you will say that the crack of your knee will give you pain. But is it really pain or is the sensation and sound of the crack just annoying? Because if it is just annoying, you don’t have to bother about it.

So those cracking knees are more annoying than that they will harm you. So should we even try to fix it? Well, for the health of your knees, I would say no. Because cracking knees won’t damage or harm the knee. But getting stronger is never a bad idea. So the next easy exercises will fix your cracking knees and make your lower body stronger.

Fix your cracking knees with these exercises

Squat with an elastic band around your knees
Bulgarian split squat with back foot elevated
Crab walks with an elastic band around your knees
Glut bridge marching
Side lunges
Slow step up
Standing clamshells

Allright, I hope these exercises will help you decrease the sound coming from your knees. And make sure that cracking knees aren’t bad and that they are really common and normal. But if you want to change the sound in your knees, these exercises will definitely help you with that.


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