Nerve Pain or Sciatica? Try these Nerve Mobilization Exercises!

Nerve Pain or Sciatica? Try these Nerve Mobilization Exercises!


Suffering from Nerve Pain or Sciatica? Then read this blog in which I will tell and show you some easy but effective nerve mobilization exercises to decrease your pain!

Sciatica or nerve pain, can be a pain in the ass

Everyone who has had it can confirm that nerve pain is among the most unpleasant and impactful “pains” we can experience. Just think about the last time you had a toothache. Nerve pain is often experienced as shooting and burning pain along the course of the nerve which usually occurs due to an inflamed nerve root. If nerve pain is felt in the back of the leg it’s called sciatica. So what can you do to finally get rid of this annoying pain? As a first step, try to avoid movements that elicit the nerve pain in the first place as much as possible. So if bending over triggers your nerve pain in the back of the leg, then reducing or avoiding flexing your spine for a while can help to calm down the irritated nerve. But nerve mobilization exercises can also help to reduce nerve pain. In the video down below, I will tell you what kind of exercises you can do to relieve your nerve pain!

I hope that these exercises help you to recover from nerve pain fast. Let me know in the comments if you need any help and if these are working for you or not! If you need more specialized and personal advice, consider booking an online appointment with us. 


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