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If you have pain in the back side of the upper back next to your shoulder blade stay here. Because I’ll tell you what it is, how you can test it and what kind of exercises you can do, to deal with the problem.


When we talk about headaches almost every human on earth already experienced it once in a lifetime. The symptoms can vary from short periods of mild pain on one side of the head to vomiting, severe pain, as well as visual and sensory deficits. It can occur after reading a book, studying, falling on the head, infections or even just when moving your shoulders. Despite that being said, we still do not know all of the causes, in fact there is still a lot to discover. There are several different types and not each of them is easy to diagnose and treat. Approximately 1 billion dollars each year are spent on unnecessary brain imaging. In this Blogpost you will get insights into the most common types of headache and their treatment options.

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