Upper back pain/Rhomboid Pain

Upper back pain/Rhomboid Pain


If you have pain in the back side of the upper back next to your shoulder blade stay here. Because I’ll tell you what it is, how you can test it and what kind of exercises you can do, to deal with the problem.

It’s not rhomboid pain

Well, if we take a look online, a lot of pages and blogs are talking about a rhomboid problem. So pain coming from the rhomboid muscle itself. And if we take a look at the location, it could be the rhomboid muscle. But the only thing is, that this muscle is hard to tear, strain or injure. So is it really the rhomboid muscle?


Well in most of the cases it is not. Because in most of the cases it is the neck that is the cause of this pain. Because if we take a look at a study done in 2000, we can see that the referred pain pattern of the lower part of the neck is exactly in the region of the upper back pain. So there is something in the neck, a discus or joint that is giving you that upper back pain. 

Test your rhomboid pain/neck pain

And there is an easy way of testing it for yourself. If you have pain on the left side, just take a look to the left. So rotate your neck to the left, and then try to push your left ear towards the back. While doing this motion, you are provoking the neck and aggravating the pain in the upper back. If you feel the pain in your upper back, the neck is probably the cause of your problem.


Easy exercises for your upper back pain/rhomboid pain

But how can you deal with it? Because that’s what everybody wants to know. The first thing you need to do is to keep the neck moving. The other thing is doing exercises. And here are my favorite exercises for this complaint. The video below shows you all the exercises.

rotation to the affected side with towel
bent over row
treat the needle
thoracic extension
downward dog
retraction prone position
face pull
seated row

Allright, I hope that these exercises will help you to deal with your upper back pain. And if you need more personalized help from us, consider booking an online consultation at yourphysio.online. 


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