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Low back pain is the cause of one of the most common injuries in the regular population. But what can be the cause of your low back pain? Well stay here and find out. In this blog, we will discuss all the different causes for your low back pain.


We sleep for roughly 25-33% of our lifetime. And just like it is important to eat, drink and breath, it’s also important to sleep. Sleep isn’t only good for our recovery, but it’s also really important for maintaining good mental health and physical health. Want to know more about the importance of sleeping, stay here and read this blog!


A frozen shoulder is a specific shoulder complaint that needs a lot of patience. This is because it can take up to three years before being complaint free. But there are also people who go through a frozen shoulder within one year. So what’s the difference between these groups of people? Or in other words, what were the differences in their rehab approach? Well in this blog we will discuss what you shouldn’t do if you have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. 


Trigger points and their explanatory models are taking over the world. But does the evidence support these models and way of thinking? Are triggerpoints real or are they fiction. And what about dry needling, does it work or not? In this blog you will find out if your “muscle knot” is a real trigger point or not, and if dry needling works!


Rehabbing your ACL reconstruction the best way possible is hard and time consuming. So what should you do, and what are the best tips. Well in this blog we will discuss the 10 best tips for your ACL recovery.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury that can be pretty disabling. But what should you do about it? When people want to answer that question, they probably go online to search for answers. But if you start searching for things online, you will see a lot of bad and untrue information. So in this blog, we will debunk the five most seen myths around carpal tunnel syndrome that you will find online.


It’s been a highly discussed topic in the last few years. Should I, or shouldn’t I get shoulder surgery for my cuff tear? Getting shoulder surgery depends on a couple of factors. In this blog, we will discuss the research about having shoulder surgery and the only reason why you should get shoulder surgery. 


We have previously discussed the stages of frozen shoulder in detail. In this blog post we highlight a couple of management strategies for each of the three stages.


The frozen shoulder or in medical terms ‘adhesive capsulitis’ is a shoulder complaint that affects the capsule of the shoulder joint. During the episode of a frozen shoulder, the capsule of the shoulder joint gets inflamed and stiffens up.

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